My name is Nick Kalivas. If you google the meaning of this noise array it means "Victory of the people" and "Hut". I grew up on Long Island NY, moved to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art (graduating with a BFA in Illustration & Animation in 2011), relocated to Los Angeles in early 2015 for a brief work vacation and have now moved back to my home land in an attempt to disconnect myself from our fun loving friendly buddies at the corporate banking machine via the nonsensical not so federal federal reserve system because of a decision I made, attending art school, that I wouldn't ever take back. I'd consider myself something but that would lead to nothing. Fall into the puddle and let the suns rays dry you up. I jump subject to subject in no tangible order because one thing can never teach you about the world. Attempting to push my turd of a brain to understand all the beautiful & vast connections this world presents us with. Art, in the its fullest definition, is my passion. I love the process of creating... innovating... tapping into that unknown thing we all have. It's better than a session with your local therapist.
- - - - - - -
While working I try to keep both mind and drawing malleable. Every line is laid out in my head before putting it down on paper and at the same time I try not to think about what I'm working on. I think i enjoy the stress this creates... I thrive on anxiety. These are impressions from outside sensory influences mixed with scattered mental nonsense. Without this work I wouldn't reach these ideas and without these ideas I couldn't create my work.
What is life? You're living it. What're you doing? You're doing it. It's that simple. Enjoy the little things. Be you and love who you are. Pursue something you love. Tell the truth. Question reality. Connect the dots. Read and learn something new every day. It's okay to be wrong or not know something. This is why we have these brains. It's a luxury and a miracle. Make good use of it.
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